How to Get Bigger Penis?


Few things are as frustrating for men as a small penis. Not only can a smaller penis make it a little more difficult to truly satisfy a partner in bed, but it can also make it difficult to have the kind of confidence needed to really enjoy life. Because of this, plenty of men spend huge amounts of their free time trying to figure out how to get bigger penis size quickly. Surgical options exist, but for most guys the combination of risk, recovery times, and expense means that this isn’t a truly viable option. Natural choices do exist.

It’s worth understanding just why learning how to get bigger penis size is so important. The fact is that all those years of hearing ‘size doesn’t matter’ isn’t exactly true. In most cases, women report that size really does matter. Not only will your partner possibly be disappointed in your size, but it can be embarrassing to reveal a small penis. In fact, the embarrassment can actually cause things like erectile dysfunction to occur since the stress of a smaller penis could have psychological influences on one’s overall ability to maintain an erection.

There are a few different options that may help you increase penis size naturally. Here are a few of them.

  • Pumps – Pumps help to fill the penis with blood, engorging it to create much larger erections. In some instances, there is a chance that regular use may create slight increases in size.
  • Supplements – There is some evidence that certain supplements can help increase the size of erections as well. By increasing blood flow to the penis, boosting circulation, and making it easier for you to maintain an erection, these supplements could be the answer you need.
  • Exercises – Some exercises may create increased size by boosting circulation and increasing overall engorgement levels.
  • Rings – Penis rings, often called cock rings, help fill the penis with blood and increase erection size and strength as well.

You may notice that all of these options actually increase erection size, not flaccid size. In most cases, flaccid penis size can’t be reliably increased. However, since it is the erection that actually impacts overall sexual pleasure and is the primary state of the penis that a partner will see, boosting overall erection size is the most important aspect of the process anyway. If you’re looking at how to get bigger penis size, any of the above four options could help you achieve your goal.



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